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Buddhism in Maharashtra

Caves might infuse a feeling of darkness in many people but there are many who know that entering a cave might just be illuminating. If you are wondering how, then let's tell you that many of these caves contain the finest carvings of the country. These carvings, belonging to the bygone era, reveal a whole lot of information regarding the people, lifestyle, beliefs, faiths and gods of the time in which they were carved.

Buddhist caves of the country are no exception to these. They throw open much of what you perhaps did not know till now. These caves are the finest example of the rock cut carving of the country and preserve carvings and statues of Buddha in various forms. These caves were constructed in various era and served as the residence and meditation site for monks as well as resting places for travellers. Visiting them is like taking a trip down to the era in which they were constructed.

To make your visit convenient and enjoyable, this section on Buddhist Caves offers you information on the caves themselves, their architecture, location, accessibility and other closeby cave attractions. Go through this section and find information that will make your trip extremely pleasurable.

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