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Jammu Tour

Jammu is the result of months of intense discussions by Kashmiris in India, USA and London, and the feeling that a forum is required to tell the complete truth about the situation in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The media is Srinagar today often feels helpless in telling all the stories about the government or about the Opposition parties and organisations.

When we talk about Kashmiris, we do not refer only to those people who speak Kashmiri but to all the inhabitants of the state including the Kashmiri Pandits, the Mirpuris, Ladakhis, Baltis, Sudhanese etc. We believe Jammu & Kashmir is the property of all these sub-nationalities that make up the state and not the property of the Kashmiris alone. As such we believe that only democratic solutions forged in unity by all the peoples of Jammu & Kashmir will ensure peace and progress in the future.

We do not believe in the Kashmir problem. We believe the problem is about the whole state of Jammu & Kashmir, including those parts under Pakistani and Chinese occupation. We do not accept that any part of Jammu & Kashmir is under Indian occupation because the state legally, politically and spiritually became part of India in the early 1950s with special powers and concessions obtained from the powers in New Delhi.

We believe the democratic struggle in the state of Jammu & Kashmir must continue to ensure that all the peoples of the state have religious and political rights, and that the special status promised by India must be enlarged and former rights restored. But, at the same time, we do not believe in the gun culture that has brought misery to our peoples. We do not believe any more in the slogans that promised liberation but only brought death and evil in our state. We do not believe on those leaders who told the Kashmiri youth to pick up the gun to die while they grew rich and the people fell into poverty and misery.

We believe in Islam which is the majority religion in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. We believe that the glory of Islam must be extolled, and preaching and mosques must continue to flourish. But we also believe that the religious rights of the minorities in the state, including those of Hindus and Buddhists, must be protected. We believe a strong, democratic polity is the best insurance against extremism and the continuance of the spirit of Kashmiriyat that has marked our collective civilisation.


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