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Dhauli: Dating from 260 BC the Dhauli edicts give detailed instructions to Ashoka's administrators to rule his subjects with gentleness and fairness.
Driving down the Puri- Konark Highway from Bhubaneshwar one comes across Dhauli hill on the banks of the River Daya. Surrounded by the soothing greenery of paddy fields, lies the 3rd Century BC Ashokan Rock Edict, a memory of the gruesome war that transformed Ashoka, the great Warrior into a Buddhist missionary. The Peace Pagoda built in collaboration with the Kalinga - Japanese Buddhist Sangha, on the opposite hill, is completely modern and is an excellent foil

Lalitagiri - Ratnagiri - Udaigiri
110 kms from Bhubaneshwar, these three hills combinedly present the rich Buddhist heritage of Orissa. Once the seat of a flourishing Buddhist university called Tushpagiri Mahavihara', these hills still have extensive ruins of brick monasteries, sculpted stone portals and Buddhist images.
Lalitagiri : Lalitagiri is situated on a small hill and has a large number of votive stupas and the remains of a chaitya hall. Also noteworthy are the large number of Buddha figures housed in the Site Museum. There is a stone carvers village that has survived from ancient times where excellent sculptures are often to be found.
The earliest buddhist complex of 1st century A.D. has a huge brick monastery, the remains of a chaitya hall, a number of votive stupas and a renovated stone stupa at the apex of a small rugged sand stone hill dominates the rural greenery around.
Ratnagiri : At Ratnagiri excavations revealed the establishment of a Buddhist centre from the time of Narasimha Gupta Baladitya (first half of the sixth century A.D.).Ratnagiri is the fertile Birupa river valley, 90 kms from Bhubaneshwar, was a great centre of Vajrayana Buddhism till the 12th century and the Mahavihara of Ratnagiri played a great role in the development of the Kalachakratantra during the 10th century. Today, pilgrims can see the remains of this monastic university along with the beautiful sculpted panels that reveal the intricate motifs on the niches
Udaigiri : In Udaigiri, 5 kms from Ratnagiri, the remains of a sprawling monastery has been recently excavated, that can be reached through a long stairway. Rock-cut sculptures adorn the hilltop. At Udaigiri excavations brought to light a sprawling complex of brick monastery with a number of Buddhist sculptures. In fact the entire area is found located at the foot hills of a large hill acting as the backdrop of the area. The museums at Ratnagiri and Lalitagiri are worth visiting. More treasures come to light as excavations are carried out.
Making Bhubaneshwar as entry point one can visit famous Buddhist sites in Orissa.
Bhubaneshwar is well linked by air to Delhi, Chennai, Varanasi, Nagpur, Calcutta, and Vishakapatnam on daily basis flights by Indian Airlines.
Rail:- Super fast trains connect Bhubaneshwar to major cities of India
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