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Parinirvana of Buddha

At the age of 80, after 45 years of teaching, the Buddha entered into a deep trance and died peacefully in the Sala Grove in Kushinagara.
This event, often called the (Maha)parinirvana, is depicted with the Buddha reclining gently on his right side, often surrounded by sorrowing attendants and disciples. Sometimes his body appears already shrouded with muslin, as his follower Ananda prepares for his master's funeral. The Buddha's coffin proved impervious to ordinary fire, but a divine flames came from within; it burned for seven days and reduced Buddha's earthly remains to ashes.
These remains, or sharira, were divided into eight parts, and sent throughout the world. The recipients reverently enshrined these holy relics in special mounded shrines called stupas, where they became the subject of worshipful reverence, often serving as the focal points of Buddhist monasteries.

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