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Udayagiri Tour

Location: Jajpur District
Highlights: Buddhist monastery, sculptures, stupas, etc

Udayagiri, along with Ratnagiri and Lalitagiri, forms the Buddhist Triangle in India. The city is situated in the state of Orissa and holds the distinction of being its largest Buddhist complex. Excavations are being carried out at the site by the Archaeological Survey of India, since quite a long time. The most recent ones led to the unearthing of a monastery, by the name Madhavapura Mahavihara. This monastery is adorned with a large number of Buddhist sculptures, which are definitely worth having a look at. As per the historians who have witnessed the excavations, the monasteries situated here date back to somewhere 7th and 12th century. Today, Udayagiri is one of the most popular Buddhist destinations in India and has led to a boost in tourism in this part of the country. Art lovers, history buffs, tourists and researchers travel from various part of India as well as the world, to have a look at the monastery, which serves as a storehouse of information on the history of Buddhism in India. The famous Chinese traveler 'Hieun Tsang' has made a reference of Udayagiri in his travel accounts. He also mentioned the existence of a number of Buddhist monasteries in the region. Udayagiri boasts a number of brick stupas, carved sculptures and ancient inscriptions. Though they stand mostly in ruins now, their glory has not been lost completely. The entire city is located at the foothills of a large hill, which proves to be an impressive background and further adds to its appeal.


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